Rarest Surgeries

Patient 50 years old female, a known case of diabetes and hypertension, having pain and swelling in left knee. 
She was diagnosed with degenerative knee disease (osteoarthritis knee). Normally patients are advised a total knee replacement for such cases but of late the concept of treatment has changed . 
Only that part of the joint which is affected should have a new coating and should be done by minimally invasive method. Thus, she was treated with UKA, a specialised surgery which is being done only by trained surgeon where only the inner compartment of knee is being given a new coating with minimally open technique. 
At Advanced Medicare, Dr. Pranay uses rapid recovery protocol and as a result the patient start walking on the same day of surgery and starts going to washroom etc.

Pre & Post Surgery X-rays

A middle age healthy gentleman had a road traffic accident and sustained a major injury in his right shoulder. He consulted various hospitals in the city but everywhere, he got the same advice that he should consult a HIGHER CENTRE. 
And at last, he got operated at Advanced Medicare under Dr Pranay Bhushan and underwent a rare variety of shoulder replacement called as reverse shoulder Arthoplasty. 

Post operative images of the patient showing the reverse shoulder implant in situ

In a reverse shoulder replacement, the normal ball-and-socket structure is reversed. An artificial ball is attached to the shoulder blade. An artificial socket is attached to the top of the arm bone --